We are happy to announce that we are now performing free weekly offsite backups for all your valuable data on all your active Shared and Reseller hosting plans. We have tested it, and it works! - So from this week onwards we are live with weekly Offsite Backups on all your shared and Reseller hosting accounts with Sive.Host.

We will continue to offer our runtime backups through the cPanel platform on a Monthly, Weekly and Daily backups that can be downloaded anytime you make an important change to your system. We strongly encourage you to download these runtime backups whenever you make an important change. The only true way of protecting valuable data is to have the same data saved in multiple locations. In addition, on a weekly basis, we will do offsite backups and send the drives to our archives when they get full, this way we will have most of your data should anything happen with our cloud platform or should you lose any of your copies that side. Although we have this new feature now, we continue to encounrage you to please also download regular backups through our cPanel platform whenever you make an important change, and connect to your email server through SMTP/IMAP mail clients. This way we will never lose more than a week's data, and with your help we will never lose any data at all.

Here is an article that can show you how to download runtime backups from our cPanel platform:



Here are articles that can show you how to connect to the mail server using an SMTP/IMAP client: 





Thursday, April 8, 2021

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