Data Center

Our Data Centre Park in Samrand, South Africa replicates's award-winning, energy efficient German facilities and is currently our default servers and hosting location. The data center is not in a direct flight path or low lying area and is centrally located between Johannesburg(Joburg) and Tshwane(Pretoria) with a major power substation nearby. A geotechnical audit has been done to ensure ground stability. SiveHost houses servers in data centres across various locations: Samrand (Gauteng, South Africa), Australia (Sydney), France (Gravelines), Germany (Frankfurt), Poland (Varsovie), Singapore (Singapore) and USA (Texas). If you have your own equipment you would like SiveHost to house for you, Server Rack Hosting is only offered in our Samrand facility.

Redundancy can never be too much, redundant power, redundant network, redundant servers

Redundant Power

11kV power feed from the power utility powers a fault-tolerant, medium-voltage ring that powers two, physically separated, low-voltage, 2MVA energy centres A and B.

These A- and B feeds power infrastructure services such as IT load, air conditioning, security systems and emergency lighting. Feed A and B, along with the energy centres are fully redundant, with their own UPS and generator backup allowing full electrical failover between the A and B feeds.

There is on-site fuel storage sufficient to run our generators for seven days continuously. Our UPS’ provide always-on power, with battery standby time of 30 minutes.

Top of the line junyper network architecture

Network Architecture

We have also taken a brand new approach to network design. With a focus on stability, performance, resilience and scalability, our new network is truly world class. Featuring a blend of top tier carriers with diverse network paths, our network can deliver incredible speeds to our fully redundant customer pods. For routing we are utilising industry leading Juniper routers, while our core network is utilizing Arista switches.
Our gear is capable of incredibly low latency and throughput seldom seen outside of high frequency trading and oil and gas high performance computing. To help thwart would-be attackers and ensure our network stays online we have utilized a threat mitigation system. This system automatically detects network anomalies, redirects and captures traffic which is scrubbed clean and passed back into our core.

Top of the line security for your data

Physical Security

Technology-driven measures to provide perimeter, building and access-control security are used. The perimeter fence is backed by high voltage barriers, the latest video surveillance technology and response systems. All outdoor and indoor access zones, including colocation racks, are monitored by video surveillance. Biometric access control systems and progressive access policies allow unattended access to authorised visitors. Security personnel are on site 24/7 to ensure the safety of our visitors and server equipment.

Fire protection, floods protection and theft protection of all your data in the cloud

Fire-protection and Climate

Fire prevention strategy is achieved through a multi-zoned VESDA fire detection system that is deployed within the data centre, in the energy centres and the diesel tanks. The fire prevention strategy is backed by stringent fire mitigation procedures and best practice. The cooling infrastructure provides a redundancy factor of N+2 with a total sensible cooling capacity of 1400kW. The environment is controlled according to standards set out by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).